Our skin, the largest organ we have, is different on every part of our body. The skin on our face is also different on every part of it, eyes and lips being the most sensitive ones and the ones that require the most care. Lips even more so than the eyes, because we use them more often so they get damaged more. We eat, drink, breathe, talk and kiss with our lips and it’s delicate skin.

Breathing dries out our lips, which means that products that hydrate our lips are beneficial in the care of this area.

Shea butter, lanoline and plant oils provide hydration to that much needed part of our faces, that’s why they are the base of our Lip pomade. For extra hydration we added our beloved hyaluronic acid. Our lips also need protection from external damage (such as sun and wind) and that’s why we added cera bellina, castor oil, oleogel and q10 to our Lip pomade.