“I believe in healing through self love.”


Just like many life turning events, the story of BASIC botanicals begins in 2001, when I got sick with Deep Pelvic Endometriosis, or my „pearls“ as I nicknamed my condition. The long-term symptoms, including acute pain, became my companion and a part of my daily life. The condition, although debilitating, came as a blessing, as it made me see how different I was from people around me. Instead of giving in, I realised this was my chance to be brave and make a difference.

Conventional treatments brought many side effects, prompting me to look for alternative solutions including baths, aroma massage, teas, tinctures, acupuncture and physiotherapy. The beneficial effects were astounding.

My first contact with essential oils happened some three and a half years ago, when I visited an aroma massage therapist in the hope of finding pain relief. The physiological reactions to my first three sessions were so strong that they made me wonder how a droplet of essential oil could have such a strong and soothing effect on my body. I soon began taking classes in Phyto Aromatherapy in order to understand how the magical drops from the tiny bottles affected the body so positively, when traditional pharmaceutical products failed.

feel in love with the tiny drops, their aromas, their power and their nourishing effect. One day, while taking a therapeutic bath, I came up with the idea of starting my own line of clean cosmetic products. This is how BASIC botanikals came to be.

I realized that essential oils and the energy stored in the ancient plants which heal and cure us hold the key to our beauty, health and nourishment.

I began using my knowledge and my own two hands to formulate and mix clean products which I couldn’t buy. The products which were readily available on the market did not satisfy my needs for quality, efficiency or aesthetics, encouraging me to offer my products to others under one condition: never to compromise the quality of the raw materials, production process, packaging and design.

The name came naturally, I wanted to emphasize the power of nature’s simplicity and use my name on my products to signify a deeply personal approach.

I find inspiration for my products in the far-away countries I travel to, my female clan and of course in Mother Nature.

Nika Bašić Bunić